Subscription Terms

Welcome to Candy Palace’s Candy Club!

Once you select and order the box you wish to receive each month, Candy Palace will send shipments to you at the frequency and value that is stated on the website. You may make changes to your plan, or cancel your subscription at any time.

Initial Subscription Orders are shipped within 24-48 business hours.

Future Subscription Boxes are shipped to you monthly on the Tuesday after your initial order date; and are billed on the anniversary of your initial order date.

Canada Post’s Expedited Parcel estimated delivery times are:
* Local is 1-3 business day
* Ontario is 1-4 business days
* National is 2-9 business days

United States Postal Service Parcel estimated delivery times are:
* Local is 1-5 business day

Our website notifies you of the estimated delivery date, along with a tracking number once the order has shipped. Sorry, but exact delivery time of your order can NOT be guaranteed due to factors like your location, time of year, holidays, and of course, weather conditions that affect the delivery date.

Cancellation of membership or changes to your subscription plan:
Any changes you make to your plan, or the cancellation of your membership will be effective immediately as to all products not yet billed to your account as of the date and time of the change or cancellation. Products already billed but not sent as of the date and time of the change or cancellation will be sent as previously scheduled and cannot be refunded.

The Company may change its prices from time to time. Such price changes will be effective upon the end of the term for which you have enrolled, and no price changes will be effective for any term already begun.

Subscription Products shipped by us have been inspected for quality. Your use of the Website is your acknowledgement that you have enrolled to receive confectionery-related products that are unknown (mystery) to you at the time of ordering and receipt by you.

HOT TEMPERATURE WARING: Please note that hot temperature will cause chocolate products to melt. Candy Palace can NOT be responsible for melted chocolate due to hot weather conditions. Melted chocolate is NOT considered damaged. Generally, once you receive your order, if you allow it to acclimate for a few hours it will be ok and will still be delicious.